Bonningdale pups are rarely available from carefully planned combinations. We aim to breed healthy, good natured dogs who are a joy to their families in the years to come.
All Bonningdale puppies grow up in a home environment, getting used to noises, people, other dogs, etc. The puppies are registered, wormed, veterinarian checked and microchipped. They will get a starter pack with lots of information and necessities for the puppy to have a smooth start in his/her new home. We wish to hear from the puppy, his/her problems and joys, even as the years pass. 
Please note: our dogs live indoors as loved family members. This is how our puppies are expected to live as well. If you are looking for an outdoors dog, or a cage dog, consider another breed(er).
We are expecting a litter to be born in August 2015, where we may have boy-puppies available! If you are interested please contact us at bonningdale @ gmail.com (remove spaces). Please tell what you why you want a puppy and what you have to offer.

Photo by P.Hyvönen
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