CIB Fi&Ee&No&Lv&Ge&Md&Bg Ch Great Escape I'm With Stupid "Chucky"
Fi&EE&Ge&Md&Bg Ch EE JCh Bonningdale Head Held High "Ming"
2 + 4, Born/Synt. 22.7.2013
Aust Ch Bonningdale From Northern Lights "Buttons" 
Female, owner: Macdolly Cockers (Davies/Burke)

Bonningdale From Viking Lines "Sofia"
Female, owner: T. Dorrington

Bonningdale From Another World "Moli" 
female, owner: Roberts Family

Bonningdale From Worlds End "Stella" 
female, owner:Fleur Family

Bonningdale North To South "George"
male, owner: S.Westmacott

Bonningdale From A Hot Sauna *Samson" 
male, owner: Ms Flint & family