Aust & Fi & Est & MD & Ge & Bg Ch Est J Ch Bonningdale Head Held High "Ming"  Pedigree
Ming is our own girlie, Muska'sdaughter. This lil' one stole our heart when she was only a few hours old,  so we just couldn't give her away! Her personality is a joy to us: outdoors she's playful and full of beans, indoors she fades into the sofacushions being very easy to live with. She loves chasing sticks and balls, stalking birds and tracking bunnies. Simply a heart-stealer!

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Born 22.2.2010, Hips: A, Eyes: PRA clear, FN clear, Clinically proven Healthy
Hunting test: Spaniel ability test passed
Finland: 1* CaC, 1* reserve-CaC
Estonia: 2* CaC, 3* Junior-CaC, 2* BoB, 1* BoS
Latvia: 1* 4th Best Bitch
Moldova: 1*CaC, 1* cacib, 1*reserve-cacib
Georgia: 2*CaC, 2* BoS
Bulgaria: 2*CaC, 1*BoS
Australia: Several BoB and BoS, Open Group Wins