Fin & Lv & Ee Ch Great Escape Forever More "Floyd"  Pedigree
co-owned with Satu Kokotti and breeder Riikka Kotanen, kennel Great Escape
Floyd has the sweetest nature. He LOVES our son and all kids and just insists on being a part of the kids games. Floyd is our talker, meaning that he constantly "chats". He whines, mutters, squeals, etc. just so that everyone remembers his existance and that he has an opinion. Sometimes (ie. 6am Sunday morning) this is very annoying, but he means no harm.  Quite the opposite: Floyd never has had a mean thought between his ears (not sure if there's anything else either :). 
Floyd loves tracking! It's a pleasure to see him work with such enthusiasm and be so proud when he finds the catch. He also loves to carry toys around and steel our socks and mittens. 
Photo by Jaana Patrikainen

Born 19.7.2005. Hips: A/B, Eyes: Healthy, Optigen: B-Carrier
Hunting tests: Spaniel ability test passed, 2* 1st prize in open class tracking competition,  1* 3rd in winner class
Finland: 3*CaC, 1*BOS, 3* reserve-CaC
Estonia: 2* CaC, 1*reserve-Cacib (has been apllied to be confirmed as Cacib as the Cacib-winning dog had already become int ch)
Latvia: 1* CaC, 1* Cacib, 1*BOS, 1*reserve-Cacib