C.I.B. C.I.E. (unconfirmed) Fin & No & Ee & Lv & Md & Ge & Bg Ch Great I'm With Stupid "Chuck the Monkey"  Pedigree
Chucky is a "people-person". He loves climbing up into your arms, put his front paws on your shoulders and be cheek-to-cheek. Or then just admiring someone from a distance with his tail wagging constantly. He's a huggable cobby teddybear.
Chuck is a mover: he always walks with a stance, his head held high up, zig-zagging, looking for something interesting. He's unbelievably smart, learning new tricks in a jiff. And also ways to get away with things not so desirable...
Chuck has started his tracking carreer. His nose is very accurate, but his concentration needs to be worked on. Especially if there's birds near-by which are just too much of a distraction.
Photo by Katri Alavalkama

Born 21.11.2006. Hips: A, Eyes: Healthy, Optigen: Clear, FN: Clear
Hunting tests: Spaniel ability test passed, 2* 1st prize in open class tracking competition  
Finland: 1* Best In Show, 1* Best In Group III, 4* BOB, 4* CaC, 3* reserve-CaC, 1* Cacib, 2* reserve-Cacib
Estonia: 1* Best In Show III, 1* Best in Group, 2* BOB, 2* CaC, 1*Cacib
Norway: 1* CaC, 1*reserve-Cacib
Latvia: 1* Best in Group IV, 1* BoB, 1* CaC,1* Cacib, 1* reserve-cacib
Bulgaria: 2* CaC, 1* BoB
Georgia: 1* CaC, 1* BoB
Moldova: 1* CaC, 1* cacib, 1* BoB
Australia: 4* Best Dog/Runner-up