Who's behingd Bonningdale: 
I'm Vendela and my family has always had dogs. My grandma had toydogs, my mothers hobby was dachsunds (and nowadays dobermans), but since I was 5 I wanted a "soft & good-sized" dog. Finally I got my first Cocker as a 12th b-day present and it has turned out to be an awsome package. 

Nowadays my husband and son join me in our dog-hobbies. We have a few dogs at home sleeping on the sofa, and a few sleeping at friends homes. Sometimes we go to dogshows or hunting tests, occasionally with pretty good results. We have bred a few litters in the 90's but after that we just didn't have time or dogs that satisfied our standards so we didn't pick it up again until 2008. We are very concious of our dogs health and refuse to breed from dogs with any allergy, illness or anything -no matter how small the fault is. Even more important to us is our dogs temperament. We've discovered that the best way to check that is that they are dragged into every game, play, dress-up, etc that our kid and his friends can imagine!

Our dog hobby goes with us wherever we go. At the moment family issues take us to two different countries: Australia and Finland. This is awkward with the dogs, but doesn't mean we'd give up our beloved furry paws! It just makes us figure ways how to travel between the two continents - no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is.

If you are interested in hearing more about our dogs do contact us